Sustain Energy Northern Rivers

We take energy at the flick of a switch for granted. Easy access to power creates opportunities beyond belief, but at what cost? In our region, more than half of our communities’ greenhouse gas emissions come from the use of coal and gas sourced electricity. (Reference:

The Northern Rivers Region has been highly reliant on others for a dependable energy supply. Now is the time to build low-emissions energy security for our local communities. We are on the cusp of a new energy future. Consumers’ focus is on energy efficiencies and solar panels on roof tops. Industry are embracing batteries, biomass trials and R&D into emerging technologies.

Sustain ENERGY draws a picture of the issues and opportunities for our region in generation, transmission and consumption of renewable stationary energy and then uses collaboration to enable the solutions.

The goal of Sustain Energy is that..

the Northern Rivers has a resilient and sustainable energy system.

How will we achieve this?

By empowering and enabling the Northern Rivers region to reduce greenhouse gas emissions relating to energy systems and increase the proportion of renewable energy sources to 100% by 2030

Energy Projects and Publications

The Sustain Energy Working Group is a very active collaboration working on a number of renewable energy and energy efficiency fronts.

Some projects are delivered by the collaboration across the region and others are delivered locally by members and shared with the group for further roll out.